Welcome to mums in pjs!

Mum in pjs is a mama blog and a journey of an expat SAHM mum with her 3 kids. I always wanted to write but never knew where to start. So I thought to start my own blog where I can share my journey (and struggles :D) of motherhood. 

I have recently realized that at this stage of parenting, all my 3 kids are at very different stages of life. My oldest (Amnah) is a tween, who is going through emotional changes , my second daughter (Abeer) is 7 years old, who is unique in her own way and youngest son (Ali) is a preschooler, who is about to start his school routine and trying to do all the things in his own way. 

I am not an expert in parenting or perfect in house chores. I am a regular mum who stays in her pjs all the time because I have 3 kids, laundry to be folded and put away, cooking to do and dishes to clean. So if you are a mum in pjs just like me, subscribe to my blog and join me on instagram and facebook for new posts. 

I have created this blog to share my tips and tricks about parenting, my healthy meal pics and workout updates (since am trying to lose weight 😊), my food/restaurant reviews, pictures of birthday celebrations (and cakes since i like to make my own cakes) and our family visits to fun places.  

Recent Posts

How Did I Manage To Workout At Home With Kids

After pregnancies, most of the mothers gain a lot of weight and with their new baby they don’t get the time to work out, go to the gym or even for a walk. I didn’t gain much weight in my first pregnancy but after my second, I did put on a lot of weight. After…

6 ways to connect with your tween/teen daughter

When you get to know that you are expecting, motherhood hits you instantly. No matter it’s a boy or a girl, you automatically connect with your child. But when you know you are having a daughter, you know that’s something which you can’t have with your son. You always know that that time will come…

Encouraging children to maintain a healthy lifestyle

by Zara Razzaq Being a teacher has made me realize one thing. I’m not just a teacher. I am a mentor, a friend to the little ones, a nurturer and almost a mother to roughly 40 kids. Why do I say this?! Because I am responsible for their mental and physical well-being for those 8…


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