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How Did I Manage To Workout At Home With Kids

After pregnancies, most of the mothers gain a lot of weight and with their new baby they don’t get the time…

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6 ways to connect with your tween/teen daughter

When you get to know that you are expecting, motherhood hits you instantly. No matter it’s a boy or a girl,…

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Encouraging children to maintain a healthy lifestyle

by Zara Razzaq Being a teacher has made me realize one thing. I’m not just a teacher. I am a mentor,…

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12 Ways to Get Your Child to Love Reading Books

I remember my father always bringing us these beautiful and colorful books when he would return from his business trips. Oddly…

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10 Ways to Engage Children Without Using Electronic Gadgets

Remember the times when we used to play fun games in our childhood? You know, that time in our lives when…

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My Ramadan 2020 Advent Calendar

Being a Muslim, Ramadan has always been the special month of the year for us . I have lived my whole…

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Zoom Birthday Party in the Lockdown

So it was my son’s 3rd birthday on 14 june and me and my husband were really excited about his birthday…

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A DIY Kid’s Birthday Party at Home

Planning a birthday party for your children is an exciting endeavour. Children always love to celebrate their special day with their…

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Starting Potty Training

Potty training is a huge milestone in a child’s life and for many parents it can be a roller coaster ride.…

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Travelling with children

Everyone loves travelling. Whether it’s a hiking trips, a romantic holiday in a beach resort or going on a simple road…

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